A Degree in Life

Life degree

There is no major in college called Life

and you CAN’T get certified for it there or credentialed. 

You have to LIVE life to get this degree.

That’s a FRANK Thought!!!

We go to college to learn and pursue a career. That path leads some to be engineers, some teachers, some artists, and others into medicine or business. As you know the list can keep going forever. One major or degree field that you will not find in any college or university is Life. There is no such thing.
The reason that you cannot find a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degree of Life in the halls of academia is because Life cannot be studied and learned in the pages of a book or lectures in a hall. If you wanted to learn Culinary Arts, there’s a school for that. If you desired to become a Lawyer, you could complete your education, pass the Bar, and begin to practice. If you love flying and want to become a pilot…you could do that too. But, what about Life. How do I get that degree?
Life has a way of proving wrong the things we thought were right and proving right the things we knew were wrong. Life is the change-up pitch in baseball, it’s the crossover in basketball, and it’s the audible in football. It has its own set of rules for every player and just when you think you have it figured out – curve ball.
The only way that you can get this degree, get licensed, and get credentialed is to actually LIVE Life. In order for you to have the right to talk about life and give any instruction is to live it. And then, the advice you give and the insights that you have can’t be concrete or set in stone because that is not how life is. It has a fluidity and movement to it and it cannot be pinned down or backed into a corner.
To earn this degree, you are going to have to live and experience life firsthand. So, get off of the sidelines and jump into life with all that you have so that you MIGHT be able to help someone else along the way.

That’s A FRANK Thought!!!