Don’t Be Fooled by Life

live life

“Life has a way of keeping us occupied to the point of NOT living”.

That’s a FRANK Thought!!!

Have you ever been so consumed with life that living was passing you by? It happens to all of us at some point. We busy with the things that need to be done like work, mortgage, bills, kids practices, homework, church (yep I said it), and the list goes on. I have experienced all of these things getting in the way of living.

I worked a job for years that required me to travel (sometimes extensively) and I missed a lot of things that happened in the lives of my children. My wife was a single parent for years. Bills and rent and mortgages filled my thoughts to the point that it was all that mattered. There was a time that, if it was Sunday, we were in church from sun up to sun down. We only took breaks to eat lunch and go right back. This is what I thought life was and I thought that I was living it to the fullest. I was so wrong. I was occupied with life to the point of NOT living.

Has this ever happened to you? I missed years of my life and now I am playing catch up. I missed birthday parties, cookouts, parks, movies, dancing, my children’s plays and concerts, museums, and again…the list goes on. What was so important that I missed so much? I didn’t want to get fired from my job (still happened). I wanted to keep a roof over our heads (in jeopardy several times). I wanted to keep the lights and water on (cut off a few times). I wanted to pay the bills on time (late more than a few). I wanted to fellowship with the saints only to find out that we were all still sinners. Am I alone here? Does this resonate with anyone? I was occupied with life to the point of NOT living.

Life has a way of doing that to us. It is a trap – a vicious cycle that only stops when get tired of allowing it to fool us. Our jobs are important but, not that important. The things that we put so much value in and spend our lives obsessing over are oftentimes the things that rob us and keep us from living.

It is okay to miss a few days at work, be late on a bill, and skip a church service. I guess most of us just need to figure out what’s important and what we value most in life before we lose the things that are REALLY important. Don’t let life rob you or fool you anymore to the point of NOT living. Live and Live well.

That’s a FRANK Thought!!!