A Mark Not That Can’t Be Removed

When I was growing up we used to play hard.  We had neighborhood teams that would play against each other in football, baseball, dodge ball, half rubber, and any other thing that we could think of.  It was a great time in my life and contributed to who I am today.  I have memories that I will never forget.  I have been marked with a mark that can’t be erased.  I remember one day very well and have not only a mental mark but a physical mark that can’t be removed.

One day we played hard.  We had our gear – cleats, gloves, hats, and bats.  As we were leaving the school where we played, we were laughing and talking about the experience that we had that day.  There was a fence that we always walked through the opening to get in and out of the school.  But, I was having such a great day that I decided that I wanted to climb over the fence.

This fence was about 7 to 8 feet high, chain linked, and went halfway around the school.  It was huge but, today it was a challenge to overcome.  This was my moment to shine as the one who was brave enough to tackle that fence.  So, I threw my gear over the fence, grabbed it with both hands and proceeded to climb.  All eyes were on me as they turned around and wondered in amazement at what I was doing.

I was up on that fence climbing –doing it.  Have you ever seen the fences that have the jagged edges at the top?  Not barb wired.  This was a school not a prison.  Well, this fence had that.  When I got to the top I decided that I would jump off of the fence to the ground on the other side.  I got one foot clear and my other foot got caught on the top of that fence.  It cut into my shoe and it cut into my arm in 3 places.  Blood was everywhere.  I never got stitches.  I just went home and washed it, cleaned it, medicated it, and wrapped it.

Today…I still have those 3 marks on my arm that remind me of the day I decided to climb that fence.  They are marks that can’t be removed.  I have several other such marks both mental and physical.  Some of the marks are self-inflicted, some are caused by others, and some are caused by life.  But, the ones that I am most concerned about are the ones that I have left on others.

As I look back over my life, hopefully, I have left marks that have enhanced the lives of the people that I have known and the people that I love.  What marks have you left or made?  They are like writing in and on the lives of people with a sharpie permanent marker.  Make sure you leave ones that impact their lives in a positive way because they are marks that can’t be removed.  That’s a FRANK Thought!  What’s yours?


One thought on “A Mark Not That Can’t Be Removed

  1. Great concept and good thoughts to ponder. We rarely really know how we touch others lives nor how often we touch them; yet, it makes life worthwhile. Thanks for posting this and giving some food for thought.


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