Face Your Fears

An excerpt from my book, The Man of Destiny…I believe that fear is that thing that grips your heart (the place where dreams and visions originate) and attacks it.  If you use my definition then fear is a heart attack.  It is that thing that tells you or convinces you that you can not, should not, and will not be able to accomplish or achieve anything.  It is that thing that tells you to give up, quit, throw in the towel, run, and hide.  Fear stops you from achieving your goals and stops you from dreaming.  If it does allow you to dream then, it causes those dreams to become nightmares.  It will arrest you and hold you hostage with the threat of harm, danger, or death.  It taunts us with the words of a child on the playground saying – na, na, na, na, na, na.

How is it possible that a four letter word can cause so much damage and unrest in the hearts and minds of men?  Fear can immobilize your decision making.  It can prevent you from overcoming insecurities, trusting others, and stunt your ability to grow.  It will cause you to be unproductive, and can stifle your motivation to pursue your dreams.  If we don’t get a grip on the fear that torments us it will get a grip on us.  Fear is a nasty competitor and it plays a dirty game.  It can sap the life out of you one drop at a time until there is no desire left in you to accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, or go after your destiny.

Allowing your fears to assault you without retaliation will only result in defeat of your destiny.  Let’s fight.  Don’t wave the white flag and throw in the towel.  This thing is not over yet.  Why would you allow fear to back you down?  Stand up and face your fears.  I am going to give you a simple process to follow. 


  1. Identify it
  2. Visualize it
  3. Face it
  4. Destroy it

That’s a FRANK Thought!  What’s yours?

Frank Simmons, Jr.
Chief Inspirational Officer, Frankly Speaking Seminars, LLC
Author of The Man of Destiny








That's a FRANK Thought...What's Yours?

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