It’s All Preference

So, you thought that they would just accept you with no questions asked?  Where did you ever get that thought?  People like familiar things.  They like routine.  What they don’t like is change and new things…unless it’s an Apple product.  So, how do you get them to accept you?  Good question!

The world is a diverse place with all types of differences for us to indulge in and enjoy.  Food comes in more than steak, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes.  Languages come in more than English.  Colors come in more than blue.  Cultures come in more than American and speakers come in more than motivational.

Take me for instance.  I love apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream.  I don’t really care for the apples but, love the apple flavor.  I like movies that make me laugh and movies that inspire me.  But, I also love shooting and killing (not the gory stuff).  The type of speaker that I am is one that loves to laugh and motivate and inspire with stories and real life experiences.   Someone else may love seafood, movies that make them cry and think, and may be a speaker that loves to give information and statistics.

Now, if you had to choose which one of us in the above example was the most interesting or the best, which would you choose?  If you had to choose which was the best between fried chicken and baked chicken or brown versus pink what would your answer be?  Les Brown or Zig Ziglar?  Tony Robbins or Jack Canfield?

The problem is not you and your choices.  We all have preferences and that’s okay.    No one thing is better or worse.  It’s all preference.  This is why McDonalds can be next to wendy’s next to Hardees next to Long John Silvers next to Arby’s next to Burger King and not really worry about competition and losing customers.  People like what they like and that’s okay too.

As a speaker, people have to develop a taste for you.  People have to decide whether or not they have a preference for you.  Sometimes it happens right away like lemonade and ice cream and sometimes it takes time to acquire the taste like champagne and caviar.  To answer the question of how do you get them to accept you – just present yourself for the tasting.  Some will love you and some won’t.  some will come back to see you every time and some will never come back again.  With approximately 7 billion people in the world, I guarantee you that someone will accept you and if they all don’t – that’s okay too.  It’s all preference!

That’s a FRANK Thought!  What’s yours?

Frank Simmons, Jr.
Chief Inspirational Officer, Frankly Speaking Seminars, LLC
Author of The Man of Destiny


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